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Ribbon Rose Tutorial

A number of people have asked me exactly how I make the ribbon roses on my bouquet cake so here’s a quick tutorial.

*The Equipment *
I use a small cutting board, a rolling pin and a scalpel.

How to make the rose
1. Roll a small piece of fondant into a sausage shape.

2. Roll the sausage flat with your rolling pin but don’t flatten it too much. You want it to be thick enough that you get a soft curved edge.

3. Smooth one side of the paste slightly with your finger. This edge will be the top of your rose.

4. Start from one end of the flattened paste and start to roll inwards, pinching slightly as you go.

5. Keep rolling… :)

6. When you get to the end, cut the bottom of the rose off. For the cake pictured, I leave them quite tall but it depends what they are being used for.

7. And that’s it… dead simple. And really quick to make, each one takes me a couple of seconds these days! :)

-- | North East England

rose ribbon flower bouquet tutorial how-to


Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Thank you so much for the tutorial! Your ribbon roses are so perfect!

Benni Rienzo Radic

Would love to try this type of cake sometime thanks for the tutorial.

Tiffany Palmer

I can’t wait to try making one of these cakes! Thanks for sharing! <3


I saw this tutorial on your FB page! I made a ribbon rose cake the next week. Ty loved the tutorial!

Tammy Barrett

I know if I tried this they wouldnt look half as good! Thanks for sharing!


I actually made a cake for my Mom based on this picture,but yours is definitely way better than mine…thanks for sharing

La Verne

Thanks. Its a big help. Godbless!


These look so pretty – the whole cake looks gorgeous!


Lovely tutorial. What’s that’s around the bottom half of the cake and how did you make them. Also are the rolled fondant roses glued on top of the cake?



Hi, Your cake is beautiful. I was wondering how you attached the roses to the cake. Did you use fondant under the roses or buttercream? Thanks