Wow, this is gorgeous!

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Goodness! Amazing

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I just joined because of this awesome cake. I decided on this design a few weeks ago and have been looking everywhere for a cake where the ‘North Mountain’ that actually wraps around the castle like the movie. You have done a phenomenal job. Did you happen to take any pictures during the process? I’d love to know how you constructed the mountain!

Hi there fellow decorators and Frozen fans! I am getting ready to upload a picture of another Frozen castle cake I’ve done since this one, along with a few in-process pics. But basically, I start with a 3-tier cake and then use the cake scraps to build the mountain around the cake, leaving a blank face for me to carve the castle. Then it’s all about adding detail. The sculpting/shaping is the hardest part.

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Hi, your cakes are amazing. I am on a steep learning curve at the moment but I would love to make this cake for my daughter’s birthday in February. I get the mountain and I know you have said the palace is part cake part RKT, but what do you use to cover it to get such detail? I’m sorry I’m sure its obvious but any information you could give on what you have used or how you have sculpted it would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.