re: Cowboy & Bull Riding Groom's Cake

Thank you!!! I went to Walmart and in the toy section I got one of those kids bowboy hats (you know the red or black ones) I dusted it really good with cornstarch. I mixed fondant and gumpaste and then worked in a bit of tylose. Then I smeared a little crisco on my table and rolled out the mixture thin but not too thin (if you get it too thin it will rip and tear holes in it) then I molded and smoothed this onto the hat. Let it sit on the hat for 2 days (I have a small fan I put in front of it and let it blow on it for the 2 days turning it every 4 or so hours) Then on the 3rd day I gently remove the hat from the mold Then I let sit for about 4-6 more days (I set mine on an 8" cake dummy to let finish drying). When ready to place on the cake be sure to brush off all the cornstarch, you can also start removing the cornstarch on the 3rd or 4th day. I always wait tho so I won’t break it. It is really a pain in the rear to make and sometimes I could kick myself for coming up with this idea but so see the joy it brings to the client makes it all work it :)

Completely Self Taught!