re: Princess Emma Kate's Birthday!

Thank you miamipartycakes! Let me see if I can explain this without confusing you! lol

I cut out my template and it was just big enough to wrap around my 4" cake pans. I put my two pans together bottoms touching then wrapped a legal sheet of paper around them folded length wise in half so the crown would not show the crease in the middle from the pans. Then I wrapped the crown around the pans and the points slowly bent down. Although there were a few that wanted to fall more than others so I just used a prop to hold them up until they dried. After a few days of drying, I very carefully removed it from the pan (I hadn’t attached the sides yet) and then put some edible glue on the ends and put them together and let it air dry a few more days. After it was dried I airbrushed it silver then painted it with dry silver luster dust to finish it off.

Nancy Ferguson