Collaboration Cake Cakes

MJ-KING OF POP 👑 - Cake by thefrostgoddess
Japanese Dragon- "Japan - An International Cake Collaboration" - Cake by Cláud' Art Sugar
Japan Internatilnal Collaboration  - Cake by Cristina Sbuelz
Ikebana- Japan - An International cake collaboration - Cake by Anka
Venetian jester - Cake by golosamente by linda
Sweet blizzard collaboration  - Cake by golosamente by linda
General Lurtz - Cake by Julijascakes
Once Upon Today Cake Collab 2000 2nd Series - Cake by Derin Tatlar
My participation in the sugar collaboration "My Bulgaria" - Cake by Benny's cakes
Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia. - Cake by Claudia Kapers Capri Cakes
My British puppy Bulldog -  "Pawfectly Dog-licious " Collaboration - Cake by Eve´s Zucker-Himmel
Pottery cake  for Art of Pottery collaboration  - Cake by Novel-T Cakes
Honey Man 🍯🐝 - pottery Art international collaboration 2020 - Cake by Mero Wageeh
Rickshaw Painting Pottery Art  - Cake by Sultana Rajia Naznin
Steam cakes 2020 collaboration - Steampunk boot - Cake by Cake Garden
Couture Cakers 2020 Hizab wedding dress inspired cake - Cake by Chanda Rozario