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Lalaloopsy cake. Easy Fantasy Flower Tutorial using two round cutters

I made this cake for little girl Emma who is turning one. Her Mum saw my first Lalaloopsy cake and she wanted the same theme for her daughter’s party but wanted to include her 4 year old son as well, and number 1, and the flower, and the butterfly. It was only an 8 inch one tier cake!

So I end up with too much going on on my cake. Now I wish I took pictures without the Lalaloopsy brother…

They really loved the cake and that is what really mattered!

It is another easy tutorial to make simple fantasy flowers using only two round cutters. As you can see I like two round cutters. Lol !!!

Hope you like my tutorial,

Thank you for looking,

Love, Gulnaz

-- Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,

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Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™

Another beautiful fantasy flower! I’ll be sure to be trying to get one of my mothers to take this on their next cake lol! I think it’s sweet to include the brother and I love the unconventional colour combo. Was looking forward to seeing this finished cake and you did not disappoint! =D

Gulnaz Mitchell

Dear Violet, you are so sweet! I was disappointed with the result. As I mentioned, it was to much going on such a small cake… as you can see on photos. Thank you so much for your kind words!
I am looking for to see your Lalaloopsy cake. I am sure it will be gorgeous!xoxo

Gulnaz Mitchell

Thank you for lovely your comment, Bev!xoxo

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™

Awww Gulnaz, you are too hard on yourself! You gave the client what they wanted in the best way possible so in the end they were thrilled and that is what it’s all about! I still love it and find it sweeter with the brother! And unfortunately I don’t have a Lalaloopsy cake coming up but will try to steer someone that way, or at least get someone to let me do these flowers lol. I love that they look like they’re made of felt! =D

Lisa Salerno

I think it gorgeous ! X

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Really cute. Love the colours!!!!!

Gulnaz Mitchell

Thank you for you lovely comment, Lisa!

You are too nice, Violet! Thank you for your support, my friend! Want to give you a big hug!!!xoxo
About the cake, you just have to be passionate, there are some people who just want a “pretty” cake and it will be the moment to steer them Lalaloopsy cake idea! Lol!!!


So lovely!

Gulnaz Mitchell

Thank you, CakeHeaven and NooMoo! Your comments much appreciated!xoxo


Gorgeous <3


Aww..Gulnaz, We are always our own worst critic maybe that’s why you think that there is too much going on but I love it , lots of us here loved it and mainly the customer loved it , I love the brother touch and the flowers are awesome and thank you for the tutorial too . Definitely haven’t been disappointed by taking a day off my forced rest and coming over here and seeing all the lovely creations ;-).

Gulnaz Mitchell

Thank you so much, Jo and Sasi for your support and kind words! I am happy, Sasi, that you liked my tutorial! Hope you are feeling better! Big cakey hugs from me!xoxo

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Gorgeous Gulnaz!!! Love the colours!!! You did a wonderful job!!! xxx

Sweet Janis

I love this cake! Love the colors, the flowers, the design…. it’s all perfect :-)Xx


I love it too! My cakes tend to get too busy :) I love your colors and love the flowers too. I think we are our own worst critics…Love lalaloopsys on the cake.

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Lalaloopsy cake.  Easy Fantasy Flower Tutorial using two round cutters