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Somewhere over the rainbow

This is a 6" chocolate cake with orange SMBC, covered in fondant and topped with gum balls and a hand sculpted pot of gold (fondant and RKTs). Design inspiration came from a cake done by Sweetcheeks cookies and cakes.

-- Jodie (

I love this! I’m so suprised it hasn’t had more views, x.


thank you ladies! I am a big fan of both of you so your kind words mean the world to me!

-- Jodie (

Beautiful cake! How did you keep the rainbow fondant lines so straight?

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

thank you! I used the fettuccine setting on my pasta machine to make the ribbons. In the end, I think this was a mistake because they were extremely thin and fragile. I would have been better off using an extruder or simply rolling them to a decent thickness and cutting with a ribbon cutter. Once the ribbons were made, I lined them up on my table using a ruler to let them dry out a little and make them easier to handle (they were literally paper thin). I don’t think I would need to do that if they were thicker. Once you start applying them, they more or less go on straight. using a bench scrapper also helped where needed.

-- Jodie (

Awesome cake Jodie!.. I always love seeing what you come up with

-- Jennifer,

Thanks Ann Maire! Coming from you that means so much!

-- Jodie (