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Ninjago cake

I made this cake for my eldest sons birthday.

-- Suzie B Cakes, UK, http:/

birthday ninjago


Ann-Marie Youngblood

This is FABULOUS! My Son is Jumping up and down going crazy over this cake! LOL THANKS now he is going to want me to make him one for his birthday in April! I don’t think my skills are this good! haha LOVE IT! Bravo!!!

Loren Ebert

Now that is one really cool cake! I’m not even going to show it to my 5 year old son. There is no way I could even come close to reproducing it!!

pink sugar frosting

cool…….im .new in cake world mostly work with sugar flowers but now my son wants ninja go cake on his bd but i didn’t figure it out yet how to make ninja go figures is it any tutorial available ?? really like your cake

Karin Giamella

Love it! what did you use for the shine?

Delectably Baked

Great cake for a little boy

Sue Butterworth

Thanks for the lovely comments. There are no tutorials that I know of . Basically the Lego man is made up from rice crispie treats covered in sugarpaste. The cake is finished with a glaze spray which I think really makes it look more realistic.



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Ninjago cake