Baby shower for three

Baby shower for three
Baby shower for three

Baby shower cake for THREE mommies ~ one having a boy, one girl, and one mystery baby ~ how fun is that? It also gave me an excuse to dust off the Cricut box and use it for the first time, thanks to the helpful tips from Tea Party Cakes. The bears are fondant, I was too lazy to make a new batch of gum paste- but I’m glad now that I didnt, since the softer fondant made them ‘sag’ a little bit before drying, turning into soft, plumpy teddy bears.

thea jo,,


Ooo, success with Cricut! You’ll have to share on Tuesday! Cute cake, Thea!

Rachel, Fondant Flinger New Orleans, LA

Such an adorable cake! I love my cricut cake too!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

What a great idea! Love the cake!

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Thea-this cake is so cute. love the writing