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Burger and fries!

Food for thought for a 16 year old! The buns were made of lemon cake and the patty was a dense chocolate cake. Lettuce, cheese and tomatoes were fondant. Mustard and ketchup were buttercream and royal icing. Thank you all for looking.

burger fries ketchup mustard lemon cake chocolate cake fondant buttercream red yellow brown green



Awesome, love the tomato sauce incorporating the name, great idea! :-)

Irina Vakhromkina

Looks so real !

Mirabelle Cake Design

R- I love this- such a fun cake and sounds very yummy too.

Sonhos & Guloseimas - Cake Design

Well done!!! Love the details xxx


Hi all,

Sorry for not replying to your sweet comments. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

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Burger and fries!