Fire truck

I do not like 3D cakes … But I enjoyed this. :-)

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birthday red cake fire truck



Wow! For not liking 3D cakes, you did a fantastic job!

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Great job! I bet the recipient loved it!

Tiffany Palmer

Nice job!


Thank you, girls! :-)


I don’t do 3-D at all…..but you did great on this truck, I think any little boy would just flip out to see this for their birthday!!


Thanks Corrie :-)

Kari Prichard

Can I ask what size pan you used for this cake??? I have to make “Red” the firetruck from the movie cars. He isn’t as long as a normal firetruck. I was thinking of using a 12×18 sheet pan cause I need to feed 30 so need plenty of cake. Not sure if I should cut in 1/3 or 1/4 and stack…hmmmm. I was actually trying to measure the toy my son has and double the size of him. So hard to know how to do this. Just seeing if anyone had any suggestions.


to KariAnn: I used baking sheets (45 × 36 cm) – baked for pieces and then I carved and filled with cream. I did dimensions of the cake according to car model.

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Fire truck