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Spongebob Cake!!

A very special Spongebob cake for my nephew Travis. He has 5 major food allergies and we just recently found out that it does not look like he is allergic to them any more! So far he has been retested for dairy and soy so he was able to have actual buttercream icing for the first time! He never really has gotten a grand cake before, so I did my best to make him happy. This cake stood about 2 feet tall! Pineapple house is his special cake that he can have with buttercream icing and mmf accents. Bottom two tiers are marbled wasc cake covered in buttercream icing with royal icing details. Spongebob and Gary made out of mmf. Unfortunately I was unable to take good photos of the cake before I left home. The first photo is the only cell phone pic I got of it before. On the ride over to my sisters, the bottom two tiers shifted slightly which mushed up the frosting and caused some cracks as well as making Spongebob lean a bit. :/ But, it made it there and the birthday boy loved it. <3 TFL!

-- Tiff - MA