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Happy Owl

I got a last minute order for an Owl cake…All she told me was she wanted pink. So I found an Owl I liked online and went with those colors. It was due the next morning…She called me at 7 pm the night before. Needless to say an all nighter…I got done with it at 4 am. Had to deliver at 11 am. So I got a few Zzzzz before delivery! It turned out cute…I only wish I had had more prep time. Would have liked to add more details.

-- Ann-Maries Cakes

I absolutely LOVE this!! I have seen a lot of owl cakes but love your own. Haven’t seen one like this little gal before and honestly have to say she is my favorite by far.

WOW if this is what you whipped up at the last minute i’m kind of intimidated to look at all your other cakes that you have taken the time to plan out!!!!! I’m new to this site and still tip toeing at the edge of the ocean when it comes to decorating….i don’t have enough cakes under my belt to accept such a last minute cake!!!! i just think this cake is too cute for words!

This is the cutest owl cake I´ve ever seen. I will defenetly copy it one day :-) Fantastic work!

-- Laura, Ayalicious - Cakes, Cupcakes & more

THanks So much…lately a lot of the cakes I have had have been with less than 3 days notice…frustrating really to try to design and make them like that!

-- Ann-Maries Cakes

you did an outstanding job !

I already told you this on CC, but your owl really is super cute! It has personality. Check out my owls (who have WAY less personality) if you want!

this is one of the cutest owl i have ever seen!

-- Sarah G. -- visit me at ...

Such a sweet design

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