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This is, I think, my 5th fondant cake, my 1st challenging sculpted cake. Made for my brother-in-law’s birthday. He is a viola instructor, music professor, and plays in a symphony. Needless to say, I was more than a little nervous that it wouldn’t be up to par under the eyes of Istvan and his colleagues. They were kind and didn’t razz me too much about having only two strings on it (not pictured here). I had waited too long and the gumpaste had hardened and threatened to break, so I stopped at two. White cake, buttercream frosting, marshmallow fondant w/gumpaste details. I sculpted styrofoam for the arm.
Was able to borrow a small violin from a local instrument dealer to so I could look at it 1000 times while making the cake. Also was able to measure and use it for template and details.

you did a really great job of this. Wouldnt think at all that it was your first attempt at sculpting. Well done!


Thank you so much. I have so much to learn – need to take some classes!