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Hairdresser cake

I didn’t want to do the same old thing for this cake as many others had…this was a lady who would not have liked a hairdryer sitting on her cake so I found a cake that I liked and went with her idea of incorporating the hairdressing elements into a lovely piece of art. As butterflies were already in her business logo I udes it and her colors for true inspiration that made this cake one of my all time favorites. You have to really look closely to see al the elemants but there are over 20 hairdressing items and tools on this cake. Thank you to the very creative lady who first came up with the idea of intwining the little mini details into the vine work…it was genius. Although this was an anniversary cake I think the same ideas could be incorporated into so many other festive occasions.

-- Tampa, Florida

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Michal Bulla

Very detailed work and a great idea ;)


Great cake!

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Hairdresser cake