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Gender Reveal Cake & Cupcake Tower

I made this cake for a gender reveal baby shower, but wanted to do something different than have a pink or blue cake to cut into. The gumpaste & fondant topper box was hollow, and when the fondant (tissue paper) was removed, the matching shoe was inside. It was a girl! The 10" round cake was chocolate with orange buttercream filling, and covered in MM fondant. The cupcakes were carrot cake with cream cheese icing. This was such a fun cake to make because I got to play with some of my new “toys”. I used my First Impressions baby mold, and my new cricut cake. The shower had a Valentine theme, so I put quite a few hearts on it! The baby shoes were also so fun to make.

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

This is amazing Toni!!! You totally outdid yourself on this one!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

-- Nancy Ferguson

OMG!!!!!!!!!! LOVE this idea! What a great JOB!! :)

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AWESOME JOB! I have a Cricut and cannot seem to justify using it. It seems to be too much trouble.

You are very talented!

-- Monica Corley Ya'll Stay Sweet!!

Thank you everyone for the SWEET comments. Monica, I use the Wilton ready made gumpaste in the Cricut, and it really cuts nice. I did all the hearts for the cupcakes in such a short time. I really like it.

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

aww, this is sooo darling! I love it all!

-- You can have your cake and eat it too!

Ah! So cute! How in the world did you get the top of the gift box to look open? I still have not figured out how this is done and it drives me nuts! ;)

-- Crystal Memories in the Baking

lovely idea really like this cake :)

-- annaliese birch

CrystalR, I used a strip of gumpaste at the bottom of the lid to hold the lid open, and then I used a ruler to keep it in the right position until the gumpaste dried hard. Hope that makes sense. It took awhile for the box to dry hard, so I made the box well in advance.

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

Lovely!really clever idea!

-- zahra,, TX

Thanks Zahra and Peggy for the nice comments!

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

I love this cake! I love this mold! It’s my favorite, and a favorite of many of my customers! I love the idea of having the shoe in the box! I have been making a diaper and placing it in the box. This will be a good change! Job well done!

-- Pam - Kingman, AB -