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Chocolate wedding cake

A cake of many firsts – first 4-tiered cake; first time making molding chocolate; first time making chocolate roses; first time making chocolate cigarellos;first cake-all-nighter for 2012; and first time I had to call Mum in an emergency to get her to come and help so I could get it finished in time!

A very big thank you to SarahBeth3 for your advice and support on the forum here when I was in need of help!

I’m not sure who to credit for the inspiration for this cake, but the design came from here –

Oh Anna, it came out beautiful! Good job.

Thanks! I honestly couldn’t have done this without your advice – I was terrified about this one but your help made it so much easier.

Aww thanks Lainie and Toni :)

Really wonderful! (It looks delicious, too.)