Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush Sugar Rush Sugar Rush Sugar Rush

A Sugar Rush (from the animation Wreck it Ralph) cake for my little girl Maiya’s 3rd birthday. As soon as I saw this fabulous animation I was dying to translate it into sugar and I encouraged (coerced) my daughter into having one for her party. Probably the most challenging figurines I’ve done to date due to the head size. I enjoyed every minute of making it though and she loved it which makes it all the more worthwhile


Absolutely totally utterly insanely perfect.
Love it
Still cant believe the kids ate the decorations let alone you sat and watched them do it lol


Jacinta I just love this cake. Another fantastic one of your creations xx

Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

Love love love. Fantastic cake!!!

Oh my goodness!! Thank you all so much for your beautiful comments. I have never made it into top 3 in 2 hours before and I know its because of you gals. Thank you very much xo

Absolutely amazing! It is so spot on its ridiculous! You’re so talented xxxx