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Princess castle cake

I made this 2 tier princess castle cake complete with bridge and a moat for our niece’s 1st birthday today. Both tiers are vanilla Madeira cakes with a strawberry jam and strawberry buttercream filling. The top tier is made up of 3 shallow layers of 2 purple and 1 pink coloured cake which looked amazing when you sliced through it.

The princess’ face does unfortunately look a bit scary, that will hopefully come with practice and experience but I think the actual moulding of the face shape is pretty good. Her lovely long hair was made with a £2 garlic press instead of an expensive craft gun adopting the old “make do and mend” motto.:-)
I will stop going on now but I hope you all like it as much as I do.:-)

You are right – the princess’ face looks like zombie :) Other than that, I like the cake.

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Thank you that’s really kind, but yep I definitely need to concerntrate on my facial decorating, at least I know if I get asked to do a zombie cake it will perfect. Ha ha ha :-) I am in awe of the cakes that get posted on here, peoples talents are just unbelievable.:-)