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My Little Pony with Rainbow

A cake that I made for a friend’s daughter about a year ago. This was rainbow vanilla with vanilla pudding inside i believe. The frosting is buttercream and the decorations are fondant. TFL!

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my little pony rainbow birthday purple pink cake vanilla


Rachel Skvaril

CUTE!!!! Love the rainbow down the side of the cake.


You’ve outdone yourself this time! what a gorgeous cake….I love that you “believe” what the cake may be inside, LOL, sometimes, by the time I’m done decorating I’m not sure anymore either!! Again great job Cake Fairy!!

Renee Daly

Thanks Ladies! Such a huge compliment coming from both of you! Corrie…this cake is from a year ago thus the foggy memory about the cake flavor..LOL! I’m slowly getting my portfolio over to Cakes Decor one cake at a time :)


Cute! Love the rainbow!

Renee Daly

Thanks SarahBeth!


what do you ues to cover the board under the cake? can it be regular wrapping paper?
Love the Cake !!

Renee Daly

Daisy, I use nice quality wrapping paper or contact paper, then cover with clear cello wrap.

Laura Barajas

My little girl will be so happy with a cake like this one….she loves little PONY!!! It’s beautiful :)

Tiffany Palmer

Came out adorable!

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My Little Pony with Rainbow