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Diner Food ... with Tutorial

Cheeseburger, a shake and fries. Every bit is edible!

How to?

Burger bottom bun is 1 round layer of cake, burger is 2 filled round layers and top bun is 3 filled round layers carved into a curve.
The bun is covered in white fondant and airbrushed in an orange/brown color.
The burger is covered in fondant and then marked with a few clay tools and painted in dark brown and black.
Stack the burger on the bun the add cheese made from squares of orange/yellow fondant (be sure to pull at the edges a bit to make it look melted), tomato slices made from thickly rolled red fondant cut with a large round cutter (indent the middle with the back of a paintbrush to look like seeds), onion made from tick slices of white fondant marked with a knife and lettuce made from green fondant brushed with darker petal dust and then pulled with a feathering tool.
Add the top bun and a few sesame seeds made from ivory fondant.

The shake is a 6 inch round stacked to about 14 inches high. Use a lot of supports!
Carve the cake down to about 4 inches at the bottom.
Use fondant “snakes” to create a pattern on the cake then cover with fondant.
Add a cereal treat top and cover in piped royal icing.
Add a fondant cherry.

The fries are slices of vanilla cake baked in the oven until they brown.

Have fun!

-- Elyse, Joy & Cake, www.joyandcakenj.com