Fiona Williamson




Louboutin gum paste shoe

Copy of a scary shoe – completely made from gum paste.

-- Fiona, Lancashire UK

shoe christian louboutin gum paste sugar paste



it looks soo perfect how did you get all the details? especially the name inside the shoe? gorgeous


WOW! Gosh you have to look closely to see it’s not an actual shoe – that insanely perfect and neat! Impressive!


Really nice work!

Tiffany Palmer

Wow! This is fantastic! Great job.


Amazing! Looks real to me

Fiona Williamson

Thank you for your great comments. All the little studs were hand made from the gum paste and stuck on….. they were a pain, they kept falling off! The innersole is printed on edible paper – I print logos or messages, it just personalises the shoe.

Calli Creations

My word… you do shoes the likes I have seen very few can do!!! wow!!

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Louboutin gum paste shoe