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Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand

This was a Wedding cake for a lovely couple who work and live on Mt Ruapehu which is mid North Island, New Zealand, and a very popular ski area. I agonised over so may aspects of this cake as I knew that this was such an important part of their lives, hence the reason they wanted it for their Wedding cake.
The board for this cake was a 600mm square. All cakes were chocolate. The bottom tier was a 16" round and the cake was 5 tiers ending in 8". I built up the base with cake, and for the ridges I used cake pop mix and formed it to get the desired shape. My husband helped me ‘pop’ the fondant on the top as I had to roll it to a 34" diameter :)
The wire is representative of the ski chair lifts on both the main ski fields Turoa and Whakapapa, the ‘red and black thing’ is the snow plough that the groom drives and the ‘houses’ are the ski huts.
The crater at the top of the mountain, I was told by my Mum as we drove to the venue, that my Grannie (who would have been 95 if still alive) bathed in it when she was 19! That probably wouldn’t happen now days!
I feel that the photo’s don’t really capture the ‘essence’ of this cake but that happens I guess.

The best part was when I deliverd to the venue, a while knuckle 45 minute drive. I got to see the Bride Bex and Groom Shane and they loved it, which brought tears to my eyes after all the worrying I had had.

Special thanks for this cake once again has to go to Jo from Ciccio cakes who lent me her 16"cake tins and some dusting colours for the ridges. Thanks heaps Jo, you rock xx

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

One very very awesome cake, hard to capture the truely huge nature of this cake in photos, but you did an amazing job of capturing the mountain in sugar <3
ps. you’re very welcome borrowing stuff anytime xx

-- Jo, NZ,

Awwww, thanks so much Jo! Yeah hard to capture massiveness lol :)

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

Thank you Kiwicakebloke x

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

Its awesome Sarah. You definitely nailed this cake. Its perfect

-- Robin