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This cake was made for my sons girlfriends 18th birthday last year. She is shoe mad, so there was never a doubt what style of cake I wanted to make for her, only weather or not I could do it.. I didn’t have the shoe former or template, just cut it by hand and had objects around the house stacked for it to sit on to dry and managed to make it in just over a day. Take notice of the cake itself, it was mauve , got up the next morning and it had faded to blue. Last time I ever used that brand of mauve, so I added the silver and black ribbon to try and make it look a little more girly. The bling is non edible

-- Robin https://www.facebook.com/UnusualCakesForYou

wow STUNNING Robin! Very neat! Pretty shoe!

-- Mel Sugarcraft Artist Designer Cakes, Cupcakes & Sugarcraft www.sugarandspicecakes.co.nz www.facebook.com/sugarandspicecelebrationcakes

Wow! Perfect high heel! Made without former/template? Awesome! :) xxx

P/S: pray do tell that brand of ‘mauve’ that turned blue.

-- Pauline Bakes The Cake! http://www.facebook.com/paulinescakes

Thanks Mel and pauline, quite honestly Mel I don’t know how you do them all the time , they are damn nerve racking, i had visions of the instep cracking in half at the eleventh hour lol. By the way Pauline my 5 year old daughter is in love with your gangnam style cake , must say its awesome :)

-- Robin https://www.facebook.com/UnusualCakesForYou

Pauline it was chefmaster 7386 violet, it actually did it to me twice, first time I thought it was because it may have got a little direct sunlight, with the shoe box though, I didnt finish covering the cake till way past dark, and was up early efor light, and there was no lights left on during the night. Dont know if it was a bad batch but not going to risk buying another one to test either lol

-- Robin https://www.facebook.com/UnusualCakesForYou

Lovely , very nice

Thanks so much Robin! Wished I was closer so I can make a sugar Psy for your daughter! Noted not to use Chefmaster violet. :) xxxx

-- Pauline Bakes The Cake! http://www.facebook.com/paulinescakes

She would have loved that, they did the dance for their kinder xmas break up performance last year, now that was funny 22 5 year old doing the gangnam style :)

-- Robin https://www.facebook.com/UnusualCakesForYou

Very nice. What more could a girl ask for, shoes, cake and bling

That’s stunning. Your shoe is perfect x

-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Thank you Calli, You commenting on any of my work makes my day :) xxxx

-- Robin https://www.facebook.com/UnusualCakesForYou

This is gorgeous Robin x

-- Sarah, New Zealand, http://www.facebook.com/#!/TheCakeTin