Sake to Me

Sake to Me

This piece was made as a donation to a silent auction where proceeds went to a charitable organization that assists the elderly, the homeless, suicide prevention and other outreach programs and they raised over $60!

I am new to the cake pop/cake community. Just started really doing this about three months ago (had done just a handful of pops and no cakes prior to that). This is my first post so I didn’t know if cake pops were allowed, lol, but I hope so because they are cake, too! ;) Since I’m new to this field (although have always been very artistically driven), I don’t have much experience with cakes but am very hopeful to learn. Have made a couple that I might post later, but I thought this would be a good piece to start with. I hope to find some new friends here and learn a ton!!!

<3, Steph
Let Them Eat Cake Pops

Stephanie Wood, Let Them Eat Cake Pops,