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Power Rangers Cake

Go Go Power Rangers! I tested my artistic ability with this cake for sure! My friend wanted a Power Rangers cake and cupcakes for her son who was turning 4, and left the details up to me. However, she didn’t want a fondant covered cake – which I prefer to make! (At least I’m getting much needed practice with smoothing buttercream!) Anyways, I wasn’t sure what design I would do because I had been thinking in fondant before finding out she didn’t want it, so I pondered…and pondered…and pondered for a week!!! Then, at the last minute, I came up with the plan to draw these characters and have them stand and/or float on top of the cake. I found coloring pages online, printed them out, traced their shape on fondant and hand painted the details from sight! Et voila!! Actually, they looked pretty awesome before adding color – I dorked and forgot that their pants are black therefore coloring over half of the details I had painstakingly painted on! Oh well! C’est la vie!

-- Leila's Cakes