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Star Wars for Icing Smiles

I donated this cake for Icing Smiles. It’s an organization that connects bakers with deserving children who are terminally ill or have been through a lot of hospitalization and suffering. When the opportunity came to make and donate a cake for this cause, I was very busy with work and home life and was determined to squeeze it in. I’ve never worked so quickly and to be honest, I’m surprised I was able to deliver the cake on time. (I made all the decorating happen off the top of my head, in about two hours total time.) Baden wanted a fun, Star Wars cake in black and silver with the special inscription shown. He loved it and I felt so blessed to be a tiny part of his birthday.

I love this cake! And I love Icing Smiles! I saw your photo on FB and he looked more than ecstatic to receive it.

-- Rachel, Fondant Flinger New Orleans, LA

Thanks so much for your comments! (HUGS)

What a beautiful cake you made for such a wonderful cause!

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

Thank you so very much! I wish I could post the photo of the beautiful child that received the cake. I fell in love with both the child and his wonderful mother. If you ever have the opportunity to do this, please do. Sharing your gifts with these children is incredibly fulfilling! Take care. ;)