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Fender Guitar Cake

My son Michael celebrated his 16th birthday in Sept! One of his gifts was a guitar so I made a cake to match. The cake is vanilla/butter (his fav) and covered in fondant which was airbrushed then finally fondant accents added. He gave me a big hug and had a huge smile on his face so I’m pretty sure he liked it :-) (You know how 16 yr old boys don’t get too excited about anything :-)

-- Sandy T

birthday guitar


Michal Bulla

Wow, great job!


Nice! Which one is the cake? lol

Sara's Cake House

That is awesome!! How did you make the strings?

Tea Party Cakes

This cake is so awesome and it looks so realistic!


Super! :-)

Komel Crowley


Sandy Thompson

Thanks for all the nice comments!

@ Sara – the strings are made of fondant. I used a clay extruder with the 2nd to smallest disc. The clay extruder is by Makin’s…I’m not sure if you’re familar with them but if not, here’s a link to what it looks like:

They are sold at most hobby stores

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Fender Guitar Cake