Minecraft Cake

Minecraft Cake
Minecraft Cake

Minecraft Cake – Design credit to Sweet Disposition Cakes ; mine is no where near as good as the original version, but took two days to cut 1100 squares, and a whole day to glue them all on!

Chocolate fudge cake, 7" by 7", white chocolate ganache, upside-down method



Oh you definitely did her design justice! You did great!

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That is a technical masterpiece!!! Wow, I am so impressed with that graded colours too… perfection!!!

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Holy cow that is a lot of squares! I wouldn’t see straight after the first 100, lol….You did an amazing job! Be proud :)


Lol yes I would be quite happy to not see another square in a while! Thanks guys x x x


Awesome job- my son would be over the moon for this cake!! So much patience and dedication to place all those little squares!!!!

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hey hey im following you toooo xx

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