Medika in the making... ( For those who were curious to know )

Medika in the making... ( For those who were curious to know )
I started off with some rough sketches, then did some CG drawings of the front and side views. Then I made the metal structure to go inside of the cake, covered it with foil to make it food safe. It was screwed to the cake board. I had to be very careful as this cake needed to travel from Wodonga to Melbourne. Then I baked a very large chocolate mud sheet cake, did the carvings according to my sketches and used RKT for legs and shoulders and a Styrofoam ball for the head. Used chocolate ganache all over the cake and smoothed it out. To cover the cake, I used fondant. Modelling chocolate is used for the decorations. I used Bakels fondant, Saracino Pasta Scultura, Saracino Modelling chocolate, modelling paste and flower paste. 
Used melted isomalt as water. Hand painting the dress with Aboriginal dot painting style was so much fun! And hand cut each petal of the water lily as I didn't have a lily petal cutter. I hadn't decided what to use for the hair, as my original plan was to use corn silk but it wasn't available. I tested some airbrushed wafer paper and it worked like a treat,
it was just the night before the delivery of the cake. I know great ideas pop in the very last minute!
And the real challenge was travelling to Melbourne with a huge cake in the back of the car. We took breaks every 50 kms for the first few hours to check and make sure the cake was still in one piece.
After we delivered Medika to the show, I looked at it and thought, wow just wow it was way better than I expected!
Watch Medika in the making -


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She is really beautiful! Very brave of you to attempt this piece in cake.

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