Stargate Cake

Stargate Cake
Stargate Cake

Stargate Wedding cake

This couple had a small wedding, and opted for a single tiered cake, but as they are both huge fans of the show “Stargate” requested a topper from the show. I made the topper from icing, including the Bride & Groom Figurines.

Coco Jo


OMG Jo!!! This is fantastic!!! They must have been out of their minds with excitement and gratitude when they saw this lil beauty!! It’s fabulous! Did you use piping gel for the blue centre? Do you watch Stargate or was this all a total research job?? I’m so impressed! LOVE it!! :) xxx

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

very very cool topper, what did you do the blue with?

Jo, NZ,

I haven’t seen one yet with stargate and bride and groom nice ;)

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