The Goddess Ériu

The Goddess Ériu
The Goddess Ériu The Goddess Ériu

My piece, The Goddess Ériu, created for the Ancient People – Art and Myth – A cake Collective Collaboration hosted by Tanjia Rashid

The goddess Ériu, who shares her name with the Island of Ireland itself (Éire is the modern Irish word for Ireland), is one of the most famous of all the old Irish gods.

Ériu is seen as the goddess of Irish sovereignty, and is a matronly figure associated with the abundance of the land. Throughout the centuries she has often been used as a personification of Ireland itself, and has appeared in many tales and paintings depicting the country as Such.

Linda Hackett


Beautiful piece, Linda! Her hair is gorgeous!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

So Beautiful 💖😊awesome sculpting 💖😊

Dubey Cakes

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments 💖

Linda Hackett