Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard
Apple Orchard Apple Orchard

Apple pie cake. 🍎
For me, it’s all about the apple now. 😁
My favourite pie.
Sooo delicious!

I hope you like it!




Wow, that looks delicious…I would take a piece to go…and appreciate a detailed description of the layers!

Gorgeous and sounds delicious!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Looks delicious!

Mis dulces tentaciones

Thanks for your lovely words, Regina! 🧡

It is made of two types of dough:
linzer dough and linzer dough with yeast (Hungarian beigli dough).
(Unfortunately I don’t know the names of the dough varieties in English.)

The layers are filled with spiced (cinnamon, cloves, vanilla) grated apples.

Thank you very much, Sandra! 🧡