Origami cake

Origami cake

Birthday cake for my son Josh on his 49th year, I have done that many cakes for him but I really like this one best. Chocolate cake iced in chocolate ganache and wrapped in a plastic origami mold covered in melted chocolate and removed when set. This is an 8" cake and the mold isn’t long enough to cover even a 6" so I bought 2 of this design.



I have no idea why this photo posted so large, I reduced the original size to small but it looks huge. If anyone knows why, or how to reduce this please do so or let me know how you did it.


So beautiful, Shirley! ❤

Mis dulces tentaciones

This is such a cool cake, Shirley! I always look to you to introduce me to the latest trends! First time seeing this.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Great original cake design!

Cakes by Devon

So awesome 💖I love the design💖cool textures 💖😊😍

Dubey Cakes

Thanks everyone, it was fun to see that geometric design show up as I removed the mold.