Crossfit Girl

Crossfit Girl
Crossfit Girl

In celebration of my athletic daughter’s 35th birthday.
The figure was a bit of a challenge and worked out the opposite of planned.
The plan: to chocolate glue her arms onto the white wall for support.
I didn’t think they would hold up without wires otherwise.
In reality: the arms weren’t close enough to the wall to be glued for support.
But there she stands strong anyway, arms up holding a bar with no wires or other supports :)
A pleasant surprise :)

The Garden Baker


Fabulous cake! I am impressed that she is standing tall and proud with no armature. You must have gotten your fondant perfect.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thanks Sandra :) I use a 50-50 combination of Satin Ice fondant and homemade modeling chocolate. Holds well even in our near 100F temps at the moment.

The Garden Baker

Ok, up and down, up and down…! You go girl!

Perfect ❤️😍😘


Fantastic cake!

Mis dulces tentaciones

Thank you, Regina :)
Thank you, Andy :)
Thank you, Asya :)

The Garden Baker

Thank you so much, Monika :)

The Garden Baker

Perfect work! ❤️

Dáša Krettová

Thank you very much, Daphne :)

The Garden Baker