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Jurassik Park cake

… few can understand how much anxiety the making of a cake can sometimes convey … Here, this was one of them! 😅
Modeling this T-Rex dinosaur has been distressing me from the moment they commissioned me! 😅😱
..but here it is .. after all I think I succeeded .. and I hope that little Francesco was happy!
Hand-modeled and fully airbrushed dinosaur!
Jurassik Park cake for his 4 years, filled with a delicious milk chocolate ganache!

-- Daria e la magia dello zucchero - https://www.facebook.com/Daria-e-la-magia-dello-zucchero-Torte-decorate-di-Daria-Albanese-280840591988327/

Totally understand you! What a fantastic dino!! My first reaction was that you must have used a toy :) Really great job!

-- The Garden Baker

Daria, you did a fabulous job! Ok, that is one character you need never fear again because you know you can rock it!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley