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Broken hearted Valentine's Day Collaboration

Made this for the #brokenheartedvday Collaboration.
It’s about women who are/were in an emotionally abusive relationship. Where as long as they didn’t speak up, life went on. She silently suffered for she put the 1 of her loved ones before her own. But the day she decided that enough is enough, she then became the one with the problem. People who called themselves family turning their back on her.
But the strength of a woman knows no bounds. She can overcome anything, she can be unstoppable, once she puts her mind to it. Beyond her suffering, there is a beautiful world waiting to be discovered.

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Dr RB.Sudha

Beautiful ❤️

Olina Wolfs

Beautiful ❤

Bella's Cakes

Thank you Sudha and Olina 💖

Konstantina - K & D's Sweet Creations

Very beautiful!!

The Garden Baker


Elli Warren

Just beautiful!! :-) x

Bella's Cakes

Thank you Konstantina , Elli and the Garden Baker 💖


Beauty! ❤️


Beautiful ♥️😍😘


Unusual for Valentine’s day…

Bella's Cakes

Thank you Daphne, Andy and Clara 😍

Asya Vencheva


Bella's Cakes

Thank you Asya!

zahraa fayyad

Love it

Jolana Brychova

Beautiful cake!

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Broken hearted Valentine's Day Collaboration