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Jimmy Choo Bridal Shower

My first gumpaste shoe and it wasn’t easy to do! I can see why I only found tutorials for strappy shoes, they would definately be easier to do. Anyway, the bride really loves shoes and her Jimmy Choo’s were her first wedding related purchase. TFL.

-- Naomi, http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Tea-Party-Cakes/105772839489341

engagement lavender cake purple ivory


Ann-Marie Youngblood


Tea Party Cakes

Thank you!


Very nice!

Komel Crowley

It came out beautiful! Just like the drawing you posted on facebook. :)

Tea Party Cakes

Thanks KCCakes and SarahBeth3! I’m hoping to get a photo tutorial on the shoe up on my facebook page sometime today. Come on over to check it out sometime. :)



Jacque McLean - Major Cakes

Love it!! :D

Judy Remaly

Awesome…not only the shoe but the pillow as well!

Tea Party Cakes

Thanks everyone! I had a lot of fun making the cake and I was especially happy to finally use my pillow pans! :)


This is amazing! i love the shoe!….can you point me in the direction of any of the shoe tutorials you found useful! would be much appreciated! thank you!

Tea Party Cakes

Hi Zahra, I actually made a photo tutorial for my fb page on how to make this shoe. You can find it under the Photos tab. Other than that I had watched a tutorial on MyCakeSchool.com, but I did mine a little differently because I didn’t have a shoe to use as a form.

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Jimmy Choo Bridal Shower