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Catrina Parade Collab

I know Halloween and day of the dead are long gone, but I just now had the time to share with you my Catrina.

This piece was made for a cake collaboration organized by Sugar Mad Group and our dear friends Gerardo Zarco and Daniele Cannarozzo to celebrate the Da of the Dead as a Mexican tradition.

This piece was made as a big bust bas relief model on a square canva. I created it based on many illustrations and designs, giving her my personal touch using purple as it is my favorite color.
She is modeled out of Saracino Pasta Scultura and Saracino Pasta Model.

Above all I love the meaning of this figure, as death comes to us all with no distinction so we might better celebrate life!

Hope you like it!

-- Cristina Arévalo- The Art Cake Experience

Es muy bonita!!!

-- Sabrina Mattia

Te quedó preciosa 💞

-- sweetmemoriesbyclarisaborunda

Sheis lovely! Beautiful color combination.

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

So Beautiful 💖😊😍😍

-- Dubey Cakes

she is so beautiful 😍 I love it !!

-- Sylvia Vázquez

Thank you everyone, you are all too kind.
Muchas gracias a todos, son maravillosos!

-- Cristina Arévalo- The Art Cake Experience

So wonderfull Dear Cristina, LOVE It 😍👏👏

She is lovely 🤗

-- JEtaarten-Puur genieten