Spice Oils

Spice Oils
Spice Oils
Spice Oils
Spice Oils

Stained glass in my style.

I like the spices and special shaped bottles.
The last picture is my favourite. 🙂


  • WAFER PAPER [black frame: 4-5 layers | chili | rosemary | star anise]
  • RICE PAPER [stained glass: oils]
  • GINGERBREAD [shelf]


First I made the wafer paper frame (4-5 layers) then let it dry.
Because it consists of several layers, it is curved only slightly.
Then I made the little spices.
The chili and star anise are only 1 cm long.
I cutted these from wet wafer paper not to break.
Then I painted it black.

I soaked the rice paper. Then I put it to a plastic binder cover and painted it with liquid food coloring. I let it dry. Thus, the side that came in contact with the vinyl became brilliantly bright.
I cut out the ‘oil’ samples with wet scissors to prevent the rice paper from breaking.
I fitted it to the frame with a little water.

I glued the finished jars to the gingerbread with royal icing.

See more pictures and a short video:


I hope you like it!

Thank you so much! 🌿🖤




Mis dulces tentaciones

Such amazing ingenuity! What a lovely creation.

The Garden Baker

You are incredibly creative, lovely little bottles!

Great job 🥰❤


Thank you so much for the kind words,
Asya 🖤
The Garden Baker 🖤
Regina 🖤
Aliena 🖤
Jolana 🖤
Eli 🖤