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I Qoute"No matter how long the cold,bleak days of winter may continue,winter always turns to spring.This is the law of universe and the law of life as long as we hold on to Hope spring is sure to come."I unqoute

“I’m Pooja Sardana a passionate baker from Jaipur started baking as a hobby gradually turned into profession. I have started this journey 2.1/2 years back and 2 years back started my cake business under the name of sugar cottage. I owe a debts of gratitude towards subhashini ma’am for giving me this wonderful platform and for this great opportunity to show our own potential and to grow as a cake decorator.

         Spring is the most pleasant season in India.In this season everybody feels happy after the intense cold of winter The earth wears a green grass,again it’s comes to life, flowers on their full bloom .Where flowers bloom so does hope.I believe in process ,I believe in four seasons ,I believe winter is tough but spring is coming ,I believe that there is a growing seasons and I think that you realize that in life you grow you get better.

      So as our theme was is spring I have created a two tier cake in a shape of flower pots and have airbrushed it in browns .Sugar roses and filler flowers are adding glory to the pots.Baseboard is airbrushed with the shades of brown with a sugar spade placed on it.

Sugar cottage