Mysteries Of Egypt Challenge

Mysteries Of Egypt Challenge
Mysteries Of Egypt Challenge
Mysteries Of Egypt Challenge
Mysteries Of Egypt Challenge
Mysteries Of Egypt Challenge

Mysteries Of Egypt Challenge icin hazirladigim calismam sayfayi begenip diger sanatci arkadaslarimin islerinede bakabilirsiniz. Iyi seyirler.

Why we chose 22nd February for revealing?

It is the day that Ramses II was born .
And the wonders of ancient Pharaonic civilization that a rare astronomical phenomenon happens only two a year in Abu Simbel Temple .
Once in February and again in October .. this phenomenon is The sun’s rays turn on the face of Ramses II to illuminate it.. On February 22, a day celebrating the king’s birthday and again on October 22, a day celebrating his coronation , While the rest of the year remains in total darkness.!

BIO: I was born in Bursa in May 1974.In
2013, we established Kitchen Cafe. Making the cake was
incredibly happy and I realized that it was my job. I supported
myself with all kinds of trainings. On April 26, 2016, I participated
in my first competition at the 2nd International Gastronomy
Festival organized by TAŞFED and BUTAD.I got 1 gold 2 silver
medal in the competition. At the same time, I got my artistic cake
cup. Then, I participated in the International Master of Cake
Ankara contest held in 23rd of August 2017 in Ankara with 2
works in 2 categories. 2 works were awarded with Gold Medal. I
participated in the International Master Of Cake Istanbul Pastry
and Chocolate Festival organized on 10-11 March with 2
categories and 2 works.While I was awarded 2 gold medals, my
work in the minyatur category was the first in the category. The 2
pie 3 awards were great for me.I embrace all the people and
people on my side who believe, support and trust me.
Description of the work: ( What is it about, title, concept) :
September 21st, the arrival of autumn. my original work
combined with stained glass technique.
Materials used: Styrofoam was used on the floors of the cake. The
top coating is coated with sugar paste. The dyes used are liquid,
gel, powder food dyes.