Goring coat of arms

This cake was literally made in time by the skin of my teeth.
My kitchen went in but wasn’t finished. So I had to stay up til gone 3.30 am to clean and load it, ready to bake for 7am , as-the kitchen fitter was coming back the next day to finish the job.
I baked and cooled it and put it away . Kitchen fitter finished that night. Cake was due the next day. So I cleaned and sorted everything, falling into bed at 12pm.
Got a huge migraine, was really quite poorly but got the cake done ready for collection that evening.
The cake was 🍋, elderflower and passion fruit, with passion fruit curd, lemon&caramelised orange butter cream.

-- Thetastymuffinmaker

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The Garden Baker

This one sounds so delicious and unique in flavor!

Asya Vencheva


Sandra Smiley

It is perfection and the flavors sound wonderful!

Felis Toporascu



The garden baker, the flavours work so well x thank you 😘xx Asya thank you xx 😘 xx Sandra thank you 😘😘 felis thank you 😘

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Goring coat of arms