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Sugar Witches


Here is a project that I was longing to show you.
My witch 🧙🏼♀️ for the Sugar Witches exhibition at the 2019 CI in Birmingham …
I am a great fan of witches, and I wanted to redo the witch of my childhood, which frightened me and fascinated me so much: the witch in white snow. But I did not reproduce it with a photo, just with my child memories …. I invite you to go on the page of the collaboration to look at the wonders created for the occasion.

👉🏼 https://www.facebook.com/SugarCollaboration/


Have a nice day,

-- Oumi’s Cake Sug’Art

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Sandra Smiley

I can’t actually say she is cute, but she is awesome! Great job, Cecile!


Scary, but gorgeous modelling 😍😍

Cécile Fahs

Merciiiiiiii beaucoup. Merci 🙏🏼


Great work

Cécile Fahs


Korontini Evangelia

Nice work


Magnifiquement horrible tu excelles dans ce monde de sorciers 🥰

Cécile Fahs




Cécile Fahs


Raquel García

Very Beautiful my dear!!!❤❤😘

Cécile Fahs

Oh thank you very much ♥️

Gele's Cookies

Love it!!

Cake Angel by Marisa Kemp

love her ;)

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Sugar Witches