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League of Legends: Vayne

Practicing with a making a figurine. The figurine Vayne is made from scratch, without any molds. Luckily it was for my own son’s League of Legends birthday cake, since I was stupid enough to break off a leg while making photos of the work in progress. So all the beautiful decorating ideas I had, did not make it to the cake. Instead I spent time on fixing the figurine again and again, and by the time she finally stood on the cake, I was so scared it would break off again that I left the cake to the minimalistic version (so sad)

Hope you like it despite of it all! ;-) xx

league of legends birthday cake figurine


Asya Vencheva


The Garden Baker

Very nice. Fantastic modeling.

Cakes for Fun_by LaLuub

Thanks! xx




Great work!!!

Cakes for Fun_by LaLuub

Thank you ladies! ❤

Elli Warren

Fantastic modeliing!! :-) x

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League of Legends: Vayne