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They are not princesses, they are muses..

Much like anyone other little girl born and raised with stories, I also think of fairytales when I hear ‘Classic Stories’. The magical world where the good always win and the bad always get punished, has gotten me into the hobby of reading at a very young age. With its colourful illustrations, these stories enhanced my imagination and became an inspiration to my art.
When dearest Evren Dagdeviren invited me to join in on the collaboration called “Classic Stories, the year 2000’s”, I immediately thought of fairytales and stories about princesses that are charmingly beautiful. Therefore, I decided to include the modernized princesses that the Chilean illustrator Fernanda Suarez illustrated into my design.
I tried to indicate how princesses, since forever, has been an inspiration to artists, I painted a princess on each sides of the cube and put a figure on top of the design. I hope you’ll like my design.

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I have won many awards and degrees throughout my pastry adventure, which I am making as a hobby for 12 years. Currently, I am continuing to my pastry adventure as an instructor and with collaboration works. You can find the informations about my works from the links below.

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Gulcin Tekkas

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Gulcin Tekkas

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They are not princesses, they are muses..