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Bruce Lee -- Gone but not forgotten

With the Stained Glass Painting Technique I wanted to show this great Martial Art that revolutionizes Martial Arts, but that left very soon. Thank you Sharon Siriwardena for allowing me to participate in this great Collaboration that you directed so well. Mounted on a large cookie and with the Japanese sculpture of his name above, on the left his art THAT WAS THE karate and on the right my name.

cookie stained glass gumpaste hands brushes roller cookies paint #colaboration


Gabriela Doroghy

Stunning work, my dear!!! ❤️

Rosa Laura Sáenz

Gabriela Doroghy Thank you very much honey you are so kind

CreativeExplo ( Sharon Siriwardena)

Perfect ❤️

Rosa Laura Sáenz

Thank you Sharon Siriwardena CreativeExplo

Sophia Voulme

Awsome ❤️

🍩Cristina Calcagno🍰

Muy bella !!!!

Mero Wageeh

Fantastic work dear ❤️

sugar voyager



Great work

Clarisa Borunda

Una pieza increíble Rosa Laura 💖👏



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Bruce Lee -- Gone but not forgotten