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Farid Al-Attrash “Gone but Not forgotten” Collaboration

My contribution to the amazing collaboration “Gone but not forgotten” hosted by the beautiful Sharon Swirdina 🥰❤️ hope u like it 🤗🤗

About the piece:

Farid Al Attrash, was an Egyptian-Syrian composer, singer, virtuoso oud player, and actor. Having immigrated to Egypt at the age of nine years old with his mother and siblings, Al-Atrash embarked on a highly successful career spanning more than four decades—recording 500 songs and starring in 31 movies. Sometimes referred to as “King of the Oud”, he is one of the most important figures of 20th century Arab music. Al-Atrash suffered from heart problems throughout his last 30 years. In the last few years of his life, he became physically thinner, and his singing voice became raspy as his sickness intensified. Although he was struggling with his health, he continued to produce movies and perform in concerts until he died. On Monday December 24, 1974 the doctors told al-Atrash that after two days he could go home. This was because they noticed that Farid did not like the hospital, or the drugs and the food that the hospital provided for him. On December 26, 1974, al-Atrash died in Beirut, Lebanon at Al Hayek hospital, shortly after arriving from London. Al-Atrash is buried in Cairo, Egypt alongside his sister and brother.
I dedicate my bust piece to this great Singer & Composer who just get direct to our hearts with his voice and true feelings i believe he was a very lonely person although he had a lot of lovers around however he continued tuning us with his great voice and oud rythmes ❤️🎼 Rest in Piece our Dear Farid 🙏🏻

-- Hend


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Thank u so much ❤️❤️

-- Hend

Thank u so much my dear Sharon for ur efforts 💖💖

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Is amazing 💖👏

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Awsome beautiful 😍

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Good work👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Awesome! 😃❤

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