Cakerbuddies miniature dollhouse collab—Galactic dollship

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Mini Martian, my doll, is no princess awaiting a knight. She is an independent, self-sufficient scientist who flies across the numberless stars in her Galactic Dollship, performing scientific experiments, going from planet to planet in her never ending quest for knowledge and new discoveries. Through this I wish to challenge gender norms which stereotype girls and boys into specific roles and behaviours. While I refer to Mini Martian as ‘she’, she is really a genderless alien. The message: Anyone can be a scientist. And still have a pink bedroom!
In a creative departure from the regular dollhouse, I envisioned the central character as a being named Mini Martian, who spends her life zooming across deep space in her spaceship which is also her home: the Galactic Dollship. Inspired by popular UFO stories, my creation is a cross section of a flying saucer. The Dollship is divided into two levels, the upper level housing a giant screen for navigating through the galaxies and a control panel for performing experiments, because Mini Martian is a scientist! She is totally self sufficient, using the lower level to grow polka dotted space mushrooms to eat, breathing Nitrogen processed by Nitro-Towers, hibernating in her Hypersleep Pod and staying fit using her Plasma-Charged Treadmill!
I have used LED lights and rotating machine hidden under layers of fondant /dummy wherever possible, to enhance the look of my galactic dollship.

Techniques used: Texturing, mix media, air brushing, etc

Very well executed superb job.

-- Zorba the cake studio

Very different theme…wowww

Unique concept.

-- Cakemantra by mona

Lovely concept! Love the Dollship

-- Monika's Bake Adda

Very nice and beautiful.

-- Rachana's Food Galleria

So different n beautiful 💕🏠

So profound ♥️ What a masterpiece of art full of Colors. It takes you back to the fairy world if your childhood.. Mesmerizing !

Amazing, #Cakeboss! Taking Mini Martian where no cake has gone before 😊