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Cakerbuddies Miniature Dollhouse Collab - Nook

“The name of the house ""Nook"" stands for smaller houses. It creates the impression of a small but cozy home tucked away from the world’s hustle and bustle.
This is where I took my inspiration from! "
This beautiful two story bungalow with a patio invites comfort, and exudes modern elegance. The windows facilitate plenty of natural light flow throughout the home’s open, airy layout. Furthermore, the patio and swimming pool allow for luxury living. The house is tiny yet functional, modern yet vintage.

Techniques used: Airbrush, pastilage, gumpaste, fondant

-- Zorba the cake studio

Superb concept

-- Cakemantra by mona

Amazing detailing and finishing

This is amazingly beautiful work.

Awesome work. Superb finish.

-- Rachana's Food Galleria

Love it!! The details are fab, colour palate is veey inviting!

Marvellous !! It couldn’t be more perfect!

Amazinly beautiful work always

What a lovely and detailed miniature!

-- The Garden Baker

Beautiful doll house!

-- Monika's Bake Adda

So much detailing ..wowwww🏠👌🏻